• Liberate your work, thanks to AI

    Onogone is a consulting firm that helps companies automate and save time by building custom Artificial Intelligence solutions.
    We help all aspects of our clients business, regardless of the data involved.

  • What can AI do for your business, and how to make the first steps ?

    Onogone offers a bi-monthly series to understand how Artificial Intelligence:

    💪 facilitates the daily life of professionals
    🔧 improves the quality of their services
    💶 enables them to generate new revenues.

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    How to automate the processing of your incoming mail and documents?

    Onogone has developed Unfold, a solution to automate document processing. The templates in our catalog or custom-made classify and extract the information you need.

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    Onogone cofounded AQC, to automate quality control for the industry

    After two years of work, AQC launches its solution for the textile industry and prepares partnerships on new sectors !

  • Benefit from the skills of a team of AI experts and passionate entrepreneurs for your projects.

    We are passionate about computer science research, and used to collaborating with innovation departments or operational teams. We develop ambitious AI solutions for international clients, thanks to our academic rigor and pragmatism. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and providing tools that transform our clients' businesses.

    Natural Language Processing

    To automate the processing of all your text documents

    Computer Vision


    To extract structured information from your images and videos.

    Predictive Analysis


    To model a business, optimise decisions and automate operations.

    Speech 2 Text


    To integrate voice into all your operations.

    Data Visualization Interactive

    To understand the information and stories your data reveals.

    Onogone carries out more than 1,000 days of research per year.

    We study the fundamental issues that transform your operations.

  • Our Group

    Founded in 2016, the Onogone Group brings together several companies around a single mission: to enable all employees to take control of their work through the creation of customized Artificial Intelligence, in charge of daily rituals and decisions.

    The Agency

    The agency brings together algorithmic passionate people, coming from research in all scientific fields. It develops leading-edge technologies in modelling, computer-vision, natural language processing and digital solutions.



    See the Agency

    The startup studio

    Every year the Onogone Group invests in a new project to develop SAAS solutions that increase the performance of our international customers.



    See our projects

    The ML platform

    Driven by our passion for Data Science and Research and our desire to democratize access to Artificial Intelligence, we have developed a natural language processing platform that automatically classifies your texts, documents and extracts.


    Automate the processing of your documents

  • About our clients

    Our 50+ clients are leaders in industry, technology, energy, retail, banking, insurance, travel and leisure in Europe and North America.

    We work with a wide range of departments including Innovation, Human Resources, Production, Operations, Marketing, Sales, R&D, Administration, Purchasing, Legal, Distribution and Customer Service.

  • Contact Us

    We answer within 48h.

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  • Companies typically use less than 20% of the data available

    What data is used, or left out?


    In many companies, only Marketing and HR data are enriched with AI, at the expense of the operational data of the trades, which is characteristic of a company’s daily activities

    Why should I use all my company's business data?

    To make savings on each process, or to participate in the optimisation of an operational decision by detecting and making maximum use of the knowledge acquired in the past.

    How long does a personalised project with Onogone take

    Less than a week to identify and qualify an opportunity, a month to carry out a proof of concept and a quarter to integrate a personalized project into production.