• Liberate your work, thanks to AI

    Onogone is a consulting firm that helps companies automate and save time by building custom Artificial Intelligence solutions.
    We help all aspects of our clients business, regardless of the data involved.

  • Benefit from the skills of a team of AI experts and passionate entrepreneurs for your projects.

    We are passionate about computer science research, and used to collaborating with innovation departments or operational teams. We develop ambitious AI solutions for international clients, thanks to our academic rigor and pragmatism. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and providing tools that transform our clients' businesses.

    Natural Language Processing

    To automate the processing of all your text documents

    Computer Vision


    To extract structured information from your images and videos.

    Predictive Analysis


    To model a business, optimise decisions and automate operations.

    Speech 2 Text


    To integrate voice into all your operations.

    Data Visualization Interactive

    To understand the information and stories your data reveals.

    Onogone carries out more than 1,000 days of research per year.

    We study the fundamental issues that transform your operations.

  • About our clients

    Our 50+ clients are leaders in industry, technology, energy, retail, banking, insurance, travel and leisure in Europe and North America.

    We work with a wide range of departments including Innovation, Human Resources, Production, Operations, Marketing, Sales, R&D, Administration, Purchasing, Legal, Distribution and Customer Service.

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    We answer within 48h.

    +33 1 42 40 13 80

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