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    We talk about your needs and challenges.


    We offer a detailed analysis of your problem and a plan to implement a solution


    We build a first proof of concept and ask for your feedback.


    We deploy and deliver a production-ready, thoroughly-tested solution.


    Who are we?


    We love testing the latest research and technologies and apply it to real-world business problems across industries, from healthcare to entertainment and finance. We combine scientific academic rigour with engineering pragmatism to help our clients identify and solve their business problems. We enjoy sharing knowledge, building robust, scalable architectures and delivering tools that trigger a simple Wow.

    Pierre Magrangeas




    An entrepreneur and engineer trained at the Ecole Centrale de Paris, Pierre started Onogone to help companies leverage the potential of AI and NLP to make the best use of their data.

    Benoît Berthelier


    A graduate of HEC Paris (Msc) and Paris Sorbonne Cite University (PhD), Benoit uses his joint expertise in linguistics and business logic to develop natural language processing tools tailored to our client's needs and ambitions.

    Giulia Zecchini

    Office Manager

    A natural-born polyglot and data enthusiast, Giulia is in charge of liaising with our customers and oversees all of Onogone's operations and procedures.

    Caroline Senac



    Data Scientist

    Doctor in bioinformatics, specialized in modeling, simulation, data analysis and Python programming, Caroline is bringing a lot of her knowledge to our team and she getting more and more skilled in the field of data sciences and machine and deep learning.





    Data Scientist

    Trained as an academic and having done research at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Renard now applies his expertise in computational methods to our clients' business problems.




    A former research physicist with degrees from Polytechnique and the Institut d'optique Graduate School , Edouard is an experienced C# and Python developer who is just as comfortable with scientific programming as with video game development.





    Data Scientist

    A graduate of Ecole Centrale, Leonard helped build and develop a number of startups before bringing his knowledge of business analytics and data science to Onogone.

  • Recent publications

    June 22, 2018 · NLP,Search Engine,ElasticSearch,TAL,Machine Learning
    Au fil du temps et des projets, une entreprise accumule de nombreuses connaissances métiers. Formelles ou informelles, elles s’enregistrent sous de nombreux formats à l’écrit : PDFs, articles et sources externes, documents word, messages… Ces informations récoltées constituent un capital et une...
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    We're hiring!


    Fullstack developer (Python)

    Requirements: Python, Javascript, MongoDB, Git

    Nice to know: Machine learning libraries (sklearn, Tensorflow, Keras...), SQL/NoSQL databases, React, Django, d3js, R, Java, Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Docker, RabbitMQ, Shell scripting, Elastic Search, Amazon Web Services, TDD

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    157 Boulevard MacDonalds, 75019 Paris

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