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    Let's meet,

    we'll talk about your company's data and day-to-day tasks.

    2 hours


    We set-up an Automation Plan,

    evaluate the feasability and financial outcome of each step.

    1 day - 1 week


    We build a Proof Of Concept,
    you can easily share and use as it is yours

    1 month


    We deliver production-ready and tailor-made Software, and integrate it.

    3 months

  • Automatically answer your mail

    Extract the information you need

    from any document

    Automate time consuming tasks

    Detect flaws on a textile surface

    Code your infrastructure

    with Terraform

    Predict your users behavior

    Select the right employee for a new position

    Onogone Studio

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  • Developers, Scientists, Statisticians and Engineers

    Everybody at Onogone is dedicated to applied computer research and innovation for businesses. We develop state-of-the-art AI software for ambitious international clients, thanks to academic rigour and pragmatism. We enjoy sharing knowledge and deliver tools that trigger a simple Wow.


    Pierre Magrangeas

    Founder & CEO

    An entrepreneur and engineer trained at the Ecole Centrale de Paris, Pierre started Onogone to help companies leverage the potential of AI and NLP to make the best use of their data.

    Benoît Berthelier


    A graduate of HEC Paris (Msc) and Paris Sorbonne Cite University (PhD), Benoit uses his joint expertise in linguistics and business logic to develop NLP solutions.

    Giulia Zecchini

    Office Manager

    A natural-born polyglot and data enthusiast, Giulia is in charge of discovering new talents. She oversees most operations and procedures at Onogone.

    Caroline Senac

    Dev & Data-Scientist

    A doctor in bioinformatics, specialized in modeling, simulation, data analysis and programming Caroline has been leveraging her scientific expertise for many business cases .

    Renard Ferret

    Dev & Data-Scientist

    After doing research at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Renard is dedicating his expertise in computational methods to solve Language and Image problems.




    A former research physicist with degrees from Polytechnique and the Institut d'optique Graduate School , Edouard is also a highly experienced C# and Python developer.

  • About our clients

    Our 50+ clients are leaders in Industry, Technology, Energy, Retail, Banking, Insurance, Travel and Leisure, across Europe and North America.


    We work with many departments including Innovation, HR, Production, Operations, Marketing, Sales, R&D, Administrative, Purchasing, Legal, Distribution and Customer Service.

  • Reach out,

    We will typically reply whithin 48 hours.


    Phone : +33 1 42 40 13 80

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