• Onogone AI

    One tool for all NLP use-cases, and automatic processing of your documents.

    Highly customizable. Easy to integrate.

  • The Onogone AI platform learns how to automatically detect, sort and retrieve the information that interests you in your documents.

    The platform automatically classifies your texts, files, scanned files and extracts.


    It identifies and exports your information on demand


    It enables models training, as well as live intuitive validation and correction of the information.

  • How does it work ?

    Set up your use-cases on your own :


    1. Create your corpus and upload samples of documents


    2. Determine and annotate the information you want to retrieve


    3. Train models thanks to our unique Automatic ML technology, with the support of our scientific teams

    Automate and find information every day :


    1. Upload or integrate documents


    2. Instantaneously apply models


    3. Seek information within your documents



    Manually approve and export results.

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